Acrylic landscapes class project with initial glazes

I could see getting hooked on glazing layers! It’s a little magical when you go from the grey underpainting to this initial glazing step. In the class, Bennett starts with a cool sky glaze and then moves to a warm glaze of the land and trees. Then back into the sky to add warmth near the horizon.

Daily Art 07-14-2018 initial glaze layers for Acrylic Landscapes class with Bennett Vadnais
Warm and cool glazes applied to the grey underpainting

I can see that my texture layer using the molding paste could have been more textural and brush-strokey. Mine is a little flat and not giving the impact I was hoping for. Luckily I have an entire tub for further experimentation.

The sky was tricky! The blue wash went on fine, but going back and adding the warm glaze was really dicey. I’m really curious how this glazing would go on canvas as opposed to the illustration board I’m using here. It got really smooth after applying the isolation coat. I definitely could use some further experimentation with the Golden Glazing Liquid I’m using.

It’s so cool how much the painting is changing with these glazing layers. And I’m enjoying the way it’s done in stages, so I don’t have to commit an entire morning or day to the painting. It’s a nice option to be able to intersperse a project like this among other projects like direct paintings.

Next up will be opaque color, dry brushing, and further glazing.

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