Acrylic Landscapes class with Bennett Vadnais

This week I’m working through the Acrylic Landscape Painting class with Bennett Vadnais and I’m loving it so much. I’m almost finished with the monochromatic underpainting, just a few little adjustments to make before starting the glazing step.

Daily Art 07-09-2018 initial underpainting for Acrylic Landscapes class with Bennett Vadnais
My underpainting, with the class reference images taped to my board and easel

It’s so great that he provided his final underpainting image as reference, because he took it further than the demo painting. The texture he added to the tree and foreground add so much interest to it, and I wanted mine to capture that as well. It’s also good reference for where the final values ended up in the underpainting.
The natural elements like the trees and grasses are a lot of fun to me, but not the architectural elements so much. I initially painted in the thin electrical poles scattered in the background but they were such a bummer that I painted over them. I’m going to try finishing it without them to save my sanity.
Next, before glazing, I’ll add some texture to the foreground with some molding paste. I hope I like using it! The art store only had it in 32-oz jars, so there’s enough in my supplies stash for about six thousand paintings like this. 

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