Graphite drawing of a little piggy

In addition to Dianne Mize’s video lesson 4 Steps to Skillful Drawing, I purchased her lesson Understanding Shadows. My goal is to get much more adept at locating the areas of a subject that are in shadow. This lesson did a pretty good job of providing direction there, but an even better job at explaining the parts of areas in shadow. I’ve seen the sphere drawing a million times (and even did a value shading exercise of it) but it’s different when you put it into practice on a different subject.

The way she walks through the elements of shadow and how to think about the values present in shadow is excellent, and I definitely have a deeper comprehension of how to approach shading those areas. Her method for looking at shadow areas as deep, moderate, shallow, and core give a good framework for keeping things relative to each other. It’s like defining the extreme ends of shadow shapes and then filling them in according to what you’re seeing.

Daily Art 07-08-2018 graphite drawing of little pig
Graphite drawing based on this reference image

By understanding the parts of shadows better, it’s easier to hit those dark areas more accurately and give the drawing a more realistic sense. I drew this little piggy using what I learned from both lessons and even though it took me awhile, I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Although I do think the shadow value wash is too dark, making a really abrupt transition into light. Using a harder lead might have helped with controlling that.

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