Brushing up on drawing skills

During the process of relocating to North Carolina, I let my drawing skills get rusty. And it’s been bugging me so much! I finally decided to buy 4 Steps to Skillful Drawing, a video course by Dianne Mize, to help me brush up on my skills. I also figured she’s so full of knowledge about painting and drawing that there would surely be some good information put in a way that I hadn’t heard before.

Daily Art 07-06-2018 graphite drawing of yellow bell pepper based on Dianne Mize 4 Steps to Skillful Drawing

And I was not disappointed! Just in the first few minutes she gave advice on how to move around the drawing that will help me keep my drawing in proportion better. My goal is less about drawing with graphite on paper, and more about being able to quickly and accurately place my subject on a canvas in order to paint. Using the first few principles she goes through in this lesson will help with that (especially basic placement of shapes and location of shadow shapes), even though it’s ultimately a different medium. By practicing these steps I’ll develop a better sense for actually seeing the subject.

The shapes in my drawing are fairly accurate compared with the reference photo, except for the cut end of the stem. I didn’t look at the angles and negative spaces around that shape well enough. But otherwise I’m happy with how it turned out.

Another thing I appreciated about this lesson is Dianne’s reminder that even the masters didn’t get all of their lines placed accurately the first time. It’s easy when viewing demos to think that the pros nail it on the first try, and feel bad for not being able to do that. It’s one of the reasons I love her as an instructor.

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