Beginner landscape acrylic painting lesson

Today I completed another of Will Kemp’s tutorials, featuring a beach and purple cloudy sky. I’m pretty happy with the color mixing that I did for it but it’s too overworked. The camera really picks that up more than in real life! It looks better in person from several feet away.

Daily Art 06-28-2018 beginner landscape acrylic painting lesson from Will Kemp

The big cloud ended up being too blocky. I was in this stuck zone between being loose and leaving the strokes alone and following the blending from the tutorial. I mostly followed the blending, figuring I might as well at least try to make it look similar to Will’s.

After I finished it, I was watching some painting videos on YouTube and heard the comment that it’s good to avoid painting dark over light — instead, put down the darks, leave them, and go lighter over top. I’m starting to understand why that is. The darker colors tend to be more transparent (at least the colors I have) and the lighter ones are more opaque. The places where added more purple clouds over light areas look rough.

But all in all I’m learning a ton about using my brushes which was the primary goal of following these exercises. I like learning his approach to painting, and will continue to learn others so that I can compare and find my own favorite ways of working.

This one was painted on a piece of gessoed illustration board. The texture was pretty nice to work on with my golden taklon-style filbert. The Isabey Isacryl was too firm for it. I also made a DIY stay wet palette by layering wet paper towels in my plastic palette and covering them with lightweight baking parchment. It worked well! My color strings stayed workable for several hours (even after I went back to do some playing around about 6 hours later). Acrylic retarder is also on my wish list to try out so I can experiment with longer open times and a more wet in wet style.

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