Winter landscape acrylic painting lesson version 2

I’m so glad I did this winter scene painting lesson again! The first time I followed the exercise, there were a few areas I really liked but overall felt it could use a lot of improvement. This time I tried to stay much looser and follow the reference photo a bit more in my own way instead of trying to exactly imitate Will’s version.

Daily Art 06-25-2018 winter landscape acrylic painting lesson from Will Kemp version 2 copy

The illusion of distance is more convincing in today’s painting, as well as the brushy areas in the foreground. I’m particularly happy with the smaller trees in the middle and on the right — they have a nice modeling to them. That happened rather accidentally, when I made bigger brush strokes and made myself leave them alone. I love that they look like they have volume. That didn’t happen on the first painting.

The trees on the left didn’t go nearly as well though. I fussed with them several times to get them to even look this good. In a way I like that they have more detail since they’re closer to the viewer. But I do like the trunks and branches much more on this one.

I also moved the horizon line down so that it didn’t look so split across the middle of the canvas, which was a different format this time for no particular reason other than it’s what I pulled out of my stack of prepped surfaces.

Daily Art 06-25-2018 winter landscape acrylic painting lesson side by side
The first painting (left) next to the second (right).

I approached this one more as a value study, which ultimately helped me suggest elements rather than over-detailing them. I’m starting to understand how color strings are useful when it comes to mapping basic values.

Adding the brushy texture to the weed patches in the snow made me excited to do the Acrylic Landscape Painting course I have waiting in the wings. I incorporated some of the brushwork and color choices that Bennett Vadnais demonstrated in it and it really helped.

This one was on gessoed watercolor paper. It was OK, but I’m still preferring the mounted canvas texture.

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