Apple still life lesson on painting light and shade with acrylics

Daily Art 06-18-2018 apple still life acrylic painting lesson from Will Kemp

This painting, where I followed Will Kemp’s tutorial on how to paint light and shade, was one of those projects that I almost quit part way through because the paint wouldn’t adhere to part of the apple. I had to check my lack of patience and tell myself to just work on another part while the paint dried. It also helped to switch to a softer brush and put more paint out on the palette. I’m seriously struggling with the whole “don’t waste paint” mentality. Which is crazy because I just watched a fantastic tip by Dianne Mize encouraging artists not to worry about wasting paint and end up wasting their experience. She says either paint or experience will be wasted, and which is more valuable to you? Plus, how much fun would it be to get to buy more paint?!

I’m glad I stuck it out until the end though. The stem and cast shadow are working well, and although it’s overall a little dark I do get the sense of form from it.

I’d like to paint this exercise again with a few adjustments to see if I can improve it. I struggled more on this one than painting the form of the cherry, and it might be that I was too fixated on doing exactly what Will does in the lesson.

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