Cherry still life acrylic painting lesson

Daily Art 06-13-2018 cherry still life acrylic painting lesson from Will Kemp

Today’s acrylic painting lesson was a fantastic learning experience. I built on some of the things I learned in my last two acrylic painting exercises (two-color jug 1 and 2), and made more of my own decisions as I followed the tutorial.

For this one, I used a panel that I had coated with a raw umber-tinted gesso. I didn’t sand it because I wanted to compare the texture of the surface to the last two that were sanded. For this type of painting, I do prefer the unsanded. I had less issue with the paint lifting off as I worked. I also like the physical texture the brush marks left behind. I want to also make a panel with brush strokes going perpendicular to the first layer to see if it creates a woven-like texture similar to canvas.

While checking some supply lists for other classes, it sounds like the smoother panels are good for indirect painting and the canvas/textured is good for direct painting.

I don’t have the alizarin crimson paint that Will uses in the demo, but I was happy enough with the red I mixed from my Blick starter set.

That reflected light gave me some trouble — I had read that adding white to the color can make it chalky and this is exactly what I experienced here. The red has a luminosity because of the way it’s layered, and when I added the grey-blue reflected light along the bottom of the cherry it looks dull and jarring.

I really like how the background feels in this one. It’s the loose and fresh look I wanted to achieve. It’s hard to believe that this thing started with painting in the dark areas and looking rough. Bit by bit it came together though!

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