Two-color acrylic painting, version 2

Daily Art 06-12-2018 two-color acrylic painting lesson from Will Kemp version 2

After yesterday’s two-color jug painting project, I wanted to repeat the lesson on my own without following the videos. Since it was fresh in my mind, I figured it would help me understand the tutorial on a deeper level, in a more advanced way than just following the instructions.

My drawing on this painting is much stronger, and I really liked being able to look at the reference photo next to my easel and making judgements on value and tone. I feel like I improved the weak spots from yesterday. I wish I had kept more of the toned ground showing through. My tendency is clearly to be thorough and detailed! Some looseness is sacrificed though, so I’ll continue to work on that.

I’m already wanting to upgrade my paints to artist quality, but I’m trying to hold off until I get more experience and finish these large tubes I already own. I also want to re-gesso one of my board pieces. I made them pretty smooth, and I’m running into some paint-adhesion issues. Hopefully with a thicker coat of gesso it will help give me a better ground to paint on. Maybe I’ll do a toned gesso…

Daily Art 06-12-2018 two-color acrylic painting lessons side by side
The first painting (left) next to the second one (right)

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