Block-in sketch to acrylic value study

Daily Art 05-20-18 value sketch of little potted plant in grey toned Nova sketchbook

Even though we’re mostly packed for our move, I can’t bring myself to put the art supplies away! I wanted to try out my new Golden Heavy Body Titanium White and do a quick value study on top of my sketch from the other day.

Even though the mid gray is too dark, I like how dynamic this little study is. I mixed the gray to roughly match my mid-gray palette but once it dried it got darker. The tube of Neutral Gray 6 that’s coming in the mail should help me develop a better sense of how that shade looks wet vs. dry. I’m also anxious for my palette paper to arrive because cleaning this plastic palette is a pain. Supposedly the acrylic paint peels right off, but my mixes have been thinned out so the acrylic puddle isn’t cohesive enough to peel up.

After playing around with my acrylic painting materials the last few days, I’ve been struck by how much different it is to actually USE them versus watching videos on how to use them. Pretty obvious, I know, but it still surprised me! I want to work on getting past my fear of doing it poorly and get some daily experience in. I totally believe that’s how I’ll improve, but it can still be intimidating. And also a test of my patience.

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