Bargue plate master copy stage 1

I’ve been building to this drawing exercise for months! When I started the online atelier with the pencil sharpening lesson, I wasn’t sure what it would actually feel like to complete the classical drawing course. We started with circles and ellipses, then added shading, and advanced to block-ins. Now we will put everything together with a Bargue plate master copy.

Today I chose one of the arm plates that I haven’t yet used and did the block-in. The whole point of this lesson is to see shading in a three-dimensional way, rather than seeing the shadow areas as flat shapes.

I have to keep reminding myself to just take it one step at a time — when I imagine the final shaded drawing (and making it look just like the original plate) it gets overwhelming!

Bargue plate master copy stage 1
Block-in for Bargue master copy

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