Sketchbook practice: bag of dried figs

Daily Art 03-17-18 sketch of package
Sketchbook drawing of a bag of dried figs.

Over the weekend we took the camper out for a little getaway in nature. Unfortunately MANY others had the same idea and finding a spot was hard. But we managed to snag a spot in the overflow lot of the Usery Mountain Campground in Mesa, AZ. It’s incredible to me how we’ve lived in the Valley for 17 years and it was our first time at Usery Mountain! It’s a beautiful desert park with tons of saguaros and cholla, and winter is a fantastic time to stay there. As long as you make a reservation first…

On Saturday while Matt did some hiking and wildlife photography I stayed in the camper with the dogs and made a sketch. It’s been far too long since I did block-ins and it felt good to do a bit of it. One reason I got away from the daily sketch practice is that I got so busy making dog portraits, like this one of Cooper. I also had a big custom order for some dog harnesses (a swim harness that I’m super excited about, a buffalo check plaid, and a tartan style plaid) with matching bow ties and a collar. Plus my shoulder has been really messed up for about a month and I wanted to give physical therapy a chance to start working.

I found it a lot harder to sketch in my little sketchbook after getting used to standing at the easel. I think the sketchbook would be great for contour line drawings though. My goal today is to restart my Sadie Valeri online atelier subscription and get back to it!

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