Vessels block-in part 3

Daily Art 02-14-18 block-in vessels

I had a chance to take my vessels block-in to the next step: making each object more symmetrical and adding the ellipses. All of that ellipses drawing practice was totally worth it! They’re much easier to draw now and I don’t feel the need to avoid them anymore.

The great thing I’m learning with this exercise is that doing the drawing step by step and being methodical about each phase of it makes me feel so much more relaxed about the creation process. Sometimes it seems like artists can just whip out an awesome drawing, and while that may work in some cases it’s a little intimidating to think about. But going through these drawing lessons is absolutely giving me the tools to make better drawings and not worry about rushing the process.

My first stage of this drawing is here, and the second stage is here. All that’s left is to erase the unnecessary lines and sharpen the edges.

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