Landscape sketch in Amado, AZ

Daily Art 02-10-18 camping sketch of landscape

I haven’t been doing much personal art during the last few weeks because I have several pet portrait commissions that I’m working on. They’re going really well, but I don’t have much energy left for other art projects at the end of the day.

Over the weekend we took the camper south (which, coming from Phoenix means we were practically in Mexico) in search of new views and relaxation. Unfortunately we weren’t able to find a boondocking spot but one of the RV parks in Amado had a spot left that we were able to snag. Apparently this time of year the snowbirds are here in large numbers. Lesson learned!

On Saturday I noticed the view out the window of the camper was cool, with the mountains, trees, and brush. And using my artistic license, I omitted the trashed, windowless Civic sitting in the dirt lot. This quick sketch was done in my small square sketchbook with Caran d’Ache Neocolor II crayons and watercolor pencils. Once I finished and I saw there wasn’t enough contrast, I deepened shadow areas with a water soluble graphite pencil.

This is the sort of sketch that used to intimidate me, so it was awesome to feel like it was no big deal — just a fun little sketch of my view. I didn’t stress over materials or replicating the details exactly. With all that I’ve learned so far about drawing, I was able to quickly see reference points where things like the mountains sat behind the trees, or where the horizon line fell in comparison to the brush. I love those moments where my training pays off!

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