Vessels block-in lesson

Daily Art 02-04-18 block-in vessels

I didn’t get much sketching done this weekend because there was a painting project that needed my attention. Unfortunately it wasn’t a fun, artistic kind of painting. After we got the water pipe leak fixed a couple of months ago we were left with 4 sizable holes in the drywall. They were patched up shortly after the repair, but needed painting. What should have been a straight-forward painting job turned into a total headache trying to match the ceiling color in the living room. Home repairs and improvement are not how I enjoy spending my time…

When that annoying task was finished I started my next lesson in Sadie Valeri’s Online Atelier program: vessels block-in. Getting started is often the hardest part for me, so I forced myself to get off the couch and at least pick my objects.

And of course once I got started things started to flow. My goal today was to get just as far as blocking in general proportions. I think it needs to get a little bit wider. I’ll continue working on this one, taking it to the next steps until it’s ready for darker, clean contour lines.

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