Block-in sketch of a tree branch

Daily Art 01-21-18 block-in practice

I’m continuing to work on straight-line block-ins, but shorter sketching sessions instead of the 1-hour exercises. My schedule got more full after my husband posted one of my recent pet portrait projects on the Accidental Wes Anderson subreddit. A bunch of people contacted me and asked for a drawing of their dog in the same style, which is really cool!

So my goal is to continue with daily sketches and focus on improving the block-ins of more complex shapes like this tree branch, which has been challenging. I did a block-in of it yesterday and liked the final sketch, but I know the proportions were off. I think that in my effort to avoid making it too wide, I overcompensated and made it too tall.

After finishing the large sketch, I did a smaller, rougher version and tried to just get the angles right. It’s closer, but still needs work.

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