Straight-line block-in practice day 10

Daily Art 01-20-18 10-day block-in practice Day 10

Today’s straight-line block-in practice ended pretty well, but it was a hard road to get there! When I sighted the centers and drew based on them, the subject looked too wide. When I stretched the height past the original marks it helped. This was also a tough subject because of how asymmetrical the branch of leaves is — the left half of it is basically nothingness, with the leaves all sitting on the right half.

It would be interesting to draw this same thing again, and see how my drawing changes.

One thing I definitely need to work on more for these block-ins is to break the subject into large shapes, then subdivide into next largest shapes, etc. I continue to get caught up in defining details like where the leaves are and how big they are. Which prevents me from getting the overall proportions accurate.

This was the last day in this lesson for my online atelier course, but I may continue to do a little more work and see if I can break myself of the habit of jumping to details.

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