Straight-line block-in practice Day 1

Daily Art 01-09-18 10-day block-in practice Day 1

Today I begin the ten day exercise of 4-step straight-line block-ins from life for my Sadie Valerie Online Atelier training. The idea is to warm up with a Bargue plate then switch to a simple object drawn from life. The first step is to envelope, step two is to repeat the envelope and carve out the basic form, and step three is to repeat the previous two steps and take it to a more developed state. Step four will come later.

I’m so grateful for this class! Sadie’s videos are really valuable and teaching me so much about this process. It’s playing well with my natural inclination to follow instructions carefully — so even though I’m not physically in her class, the assignments are so detailed that by following them as instructed I can see improvements in my drawing skills.

So my goal now is to continue this exercise for ten consecutive days, before we take it up another notch with longer drawings and include step four.

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