Sketch practice #90

Daily Art 01-01-18 still life sketch in graphite number 90 - summer hat

Here in Phoenix it’s a great time of year for walking outdoors, but that sun is still brutal on my head and eyes. I always wear a hat, either a baseball style cap or a bucket hat like this one. I thought the floppy, organic shape would be fun to sketch today.

I think the uneven shadow shapes help describe the waves of the fabric, especially on the brim. And the shadow helps it almost pop off the paper. I’m happy with how this sketch turned out!

I’ve spent the last week reflecting on 2017 and setting my goals for 2018, and noticed how my art practice has evolved so much since January of 2017. I spent much of the beginning part of last year doing pen and watercolor wash sketches, like this one based on a Skillshare class. Since mid-2016 I’ve been drawing and painting, exploring lots of different approaches — those can be found here. Those projects are largely illustrative in style, and I’m excited to be deepening my drawing from life skills with my current focused practice project of 100 sketches.

It’s taking longer than I originally anticipated to complete this project because many days are one sketch rather than multiple. But I’m not bothered by that at all! I’m finding a groove with more accurate proportions and line style, and I feel like working from life is a really benefitting my observational skills.

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