Sketch practice #87

Daily Art 12-29-17 still life sketch in graphite number 87 - plush shark toy

At our house, this stuffed toy is known as “Sharkie”. It’s not technically a dog toy, but we brought it home from the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay for Pipsqueak a few years ago and she loved it. It used to have plastic eyes, but she tried chewing them out so I removed them and stitched the holes closed. All better! It’s so cute when she shakes it all around like she’s killing it (a.k.a. Shake the Sharkie).

Today I finished the first Bargue plate block-in lesson for Sadie Valeri’s Online Atelier. It was a set of 12 eye shapes, which I copied with the straight line block in technique. One of the things she teaches is to start developing our sensibilities early on by feeling out angles and line lengths with our eyes instead of using tools. It’s harder for a beginner, but it gets us depending on ourselves and not tools, which is awesome. I’m loving her course so much — I can already see my drawings improving.

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