Sketch practice #84

Daily Art 12-26-17 still life sketch in graphite number 84 - new hedgehog toy

I like today’s sketch of the squeaky hedgehog toy much better than yesterday’s. The primary thing I did to improve it was to get the overall shape blocked in before paying any attention to details like hands, feet, and ears. I also set it up in a profile view rather than the more difficult three-quarter view.

One really weird and awesome thing I noticed today: I drew in a line of action, then for the most part disregarded it. But it’s like it had a positive subconscious impact more than I realized because of how well the sketch worked. The lesson here is that it’s a useful step even if it’s not obvious to me how it’s helping.

I’m not crazy about the shading on the furry back, but I really like the 2-value shading on the foot because it simply describes the texture of the fabric.

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