Sketch practice #83

Daily Art 12-25-17 still life sketch in graphite number 83 - new hedgehog toy

My parents came over for Christmas and brought Pipsqueak and Bosco a couple of fun gifts, which they loved! One was this adorable hedgehog so it was my subject for today’s sketch.

I started with adjustable viewfinder to get the proportions, and drew that shape on my paper. Then I drew a diagonal line from the lower left corner to upper right, extending it way past the rectangle size. I expanded the original rectangle to fit this larger dimension and keep it in proportion to the original.

The limbs might be a little small — my eyes and brain were fighting over how large they are in real life and I kept getting distracted from looking at the negative shapes which would have been helpful to pay more attention to.

I’d like to try this one again, not worrying about the furry aspects of the toy and focusing instead on the structure. And maybe light it with my direct studio light for more clear shadow shapes.

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