Sketch practice #82

Daily Art 12-24-17 still life sketch in graphite number 82 - cookie scoop

I’ve been in a baking mood so for today’s sketch I choose the cookie scoop out of my baking utensils drawer.

It was a great opportunity to practice my ellipses! I completed the circle, sphere, and ellipse lessons for Sadie Valeri’s Online Atelier and feel so much more confident about drawing these shapes. She provides an excellent step-by-step technique that helped me a ton.

The angle of the scoop part looks a little off compared to the overall axis of the tool, like it’s tilted up instead of flat in line with the rest of it. This is one that would have been easier to draw at the floor easel because my arm movements were hindered by the chair I was sitting in. Or, I could have tightened up my position with the sketchbook and tilted the tabletop easel down for more stability and control.

I liked that this object has a clear axis line to start with and build around.

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