Sketch practice #80

Daily Art 12-22-17 still life sketch in graphite number 80 - paper bag

I took another shot at sketching this paper bag again today, focusing on making the height-to-width ratio more accurate. Overall it’s closer, but the base is too narrow. I think there’s too much of the sides showing for this angle, making the front of the bag appear narrower than it actually is. I also added a light tone to the entire bag after shading the shadow areas. I like this effect because it helps separate the subject from the background, making it look more like a three-dimensional form than a wireframe with dark patches.

As I reflect on this sketch, it’s becoming clear that if I designed the shadow shapes on the subject better it would make a better picture. When I make them disjointed it’s messier and haphazard which looks very random. If I look more carefully I’m sure I could see see how to connect the shadow shapes and light shapes for more clarity.

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