Sketch practice #79

Daily Art 12-21-17 still life sketch in graphite number 79 - paper bag

Continuing my exploration of sketching this paper lunch bag, I set it up differently today by folding and scrunching the top closed as if it were actually packed with a lunch. I wanted to see what it would be like to describe the form of the bag with a sketch without including all of the nuances of folds, crinkles, and shadows.

I noticed a few things:

  • it was very challenging to decide which of the shadow shapes were important enough to include and which I could leave out
  • the sketch makes it look like the bag is made of something soft like fabric rather than crisp paper
  • my sketch is too wide and not tall enough (my achilles heel) which I could tell as I was working…my triangulation and follow-through lines told me one story that my eyes weren’t agreeing with
  • since it was the first time sketching the bag in this configuration, it took me longer to do

It’s interesting that the approach I used yesterday didn’t work as well today. Perhaps it would have been better to get a general block in with the viewfinder and then double check things with the angles. I also want to try simplifying more — I think by including some creases and shadows and leaving others out it just muddies things.

It’s my instinct to believe that by studying and learning about something, the first time I do it should be good enough and the best it will be. Which is silly. I’m continuously learning the lesson that by keeping with a project or technique it gets better and better. Well, first it might get worse before it gets better, but eventually there’s a breakthrough.

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