Sketch practice #77-78

Daily Art 12-20-17 still life sketch in graphite number 77-78 - paper bag

I’ve been sketching this paper lunch bag for the last few days, with slight adjustments to my process each time. After noticing the proportions were off with the first sketch and on the second sketch as well (despite spending more time on the block-in), I changed my approach today. Instead of measuring the overall height and width of the bag, I started at the top with some basic roughed-in angles and then used plumb lines and follow-through lines to triangulate the other corners of the bag. I’d draw a diagonal line from an upper corner all the way down to a lower corner based on sighting the angle with my pencil. I see a huge improvement in them after using this method.

I also got HB lead for my lead holder which allowed me to get darker lines, and roughly hatched in the shadow areas with a diagonal angle (instead of vertical like yesterday). The diagonal lines feel more active and lively — like you can really sense the direction of the light shining on the subject.

And rather than standing at my floor easel (which is awkward with this spiral-bound sketchbook) I used my new table easel at the kitchen table. I loved using it for this format and quick sketching!

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