Sketch practice #74

Daily Art 12-17-17 still life sketch in graphite number 74 - wrapped gift

Tis the season! We received a box of wrapped presents from Matt’s parents and this little gift with translucent ribbon caught my eye to sketch. I liked the combination of the box’s hard, straight lines with the softer characteristics of the ribbon.

This morning Matt helped me out with my new easel by constructing a spacer to clip onto the lower shelf that a drawing board or canvas rests on. I had noticed yesterday that when the position is quite vertical, I can’t raise the lower shelf high enough to comfortably sketch standing up. This should be a big help — I’m grateful he jumped in to help me like he did.

DIY spacer to raise height of drawing board and canvas on Umatilla floor easel
DIY spacer to raise the drawing board higher on my Umatilla single mast floor easel.

He also got me a portable tabletop easel for my birthday so I can have an easel in the camper ❤️. Can’t wait to use it on our next adventure.

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