Sketch practice #73

Daily Art 12-16-17 still life sketch in graphite number 73 - trio of pears

While I sketched today, I imagined that this was a sketch on a canvas to start an oil painting. Meaning I didn’t worry about exact contours and values, but instead worked to capture a general placement and scale of the subjects and shadow shapes. I went back go a single light shining on the pears which made the shadow shapes better than yesterday.

This was my first time sketching at my new floor easel. I bought a single mast easel although I can see one day upgrading to an H-frame style. This one is more wobbly than I’d like (in part because it’s on carpet, but also due to its minimalist design), and because of the location of the supporting back brace I can’t position the drawing board or canvas exactly where I’d like. I’m still working out a process for using it, but so far I like it much better than bending my head down to look at the sketchbook flat on the table.

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