Sketch practice #71-72

Daily Art 12-15-17 still life sketch in graphite number 71-72 - pear and bird sculpture

Will I get tired of drawing pears? I still find them a really pleasing subject to draw. I see now why they’re so commonly found in art — they’re simple yet sculptural and organic, and their uneven surface is really nice for studying shadow and form. And I haven’t even gotten into the beautiful colors found on their surface! Well, maybe just a little, but nothing serious.

I set the pear and bird sculpture on the kitchen table, with a couple of room lights on. So the cast shadows are going a few directions and the form shadows are odd. I prefer the single light on a still life setup, but felt like being more casual at the table with my sketchbook today.

A single line of action for each subject, then establishing the notional space helped set me up well for these and I’m pretty happy with the shapes of them. I could have done a better job looking for plumb lines and negative spaces though. It’s just like when I learned to drive: I had to concentrate small tasks one at a time, until it became second nature to be able to do them all at once.

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