Sketch practice #69

Daily Art 12-13-17 still life sketch in graphite number 69 - camper keys

My goal with today’s sketch was to get the overall shape of a more complex subject fairly accurate, and not worry much about shading except for getting the cast shadow in as part of the shape. That being said, I see now how I could have integrated that cast shadow into the processing of sketching better and used it as an integral reference point throughout rather than tacking it on at the end. I just realized that I often go blind to the cast shadow until everything is in place, and I’d like to change that way of seeing.

I started with a line of action again today, which has been working well for me. I like that it’s at least a place to start laying in shapes. Without it, I tend to stare at the subject and my paper, wondering how to begin and not wanting to be wrong. The line breaks the surface enough to at least start moving my pencil around. Since I wanted to work quickly, I didn’t take the time to refine some of the basic shapes like the ellipse of the key ring. And unfortunately my eye goes right to that weak link.

The little Travelogue journal I’ve been using is a great sketchbook, but the small size is awkward for me when I’m at a table or standing. So I’m trying out a new Blick Studio Sketch pad sized at 8 1/2 x 11. It was cheap and has lots of pages (100) so my hope is to crank up the sketching volume with it. It’s easy for me to get too precious with my work, and the big risk with that is a lack of output. I believe I’ll grow as an artist more quickly if I’m practicing more often.

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