Sketch practice #61-63

Daily Art 12-9-17 still life sketch in graphite number 61-63 - bowl pear nuts

I had fun sketching these with my new lead holder and 2H lead. It was so satisfying to draw with that super fine point! I sat at the kitchen table with my little square sketchbook and just concentrated on enjoying the process rather than making perfect drawings.

For the most part I was successful in having fun, but that bowl from the top sketch really gave me trouble. It actually does have a wavy, asymmetrical top — my main problem was with the sides and bottom. Luckily, there will be a course on drawing vessels in Sadie Valeri’s Online Atelier! I initially drew the nutcracker sitting in the bowl disproportionately long, and discovered that it needed adjusting while I was looking at the negative space between the opening of it and the edge of the bowl.

I’m pretty happy with the pear, although it looks a little flat to me for some reason. I probably needed to adjust the shading around the belly of the pear and where it turns to the “neck”.

On the third sketch I started with a gesture line to show the relationships between the hazelnut and two almonds before starting to sketch them in. This was enormously helpful. It was such a simple step to include, but I feel like it got me seeing the way they fit together in the composition so much better than if I had started with an envelope or block-in. Definitely something to keep in mind for my future sketching.

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