Sketch practice #60

Daily Art 12-8-17 still life sketch in graphite number 60 - brown monkey squeaky toy

I thought maybe a more whimsical subject would help me loosen up my sketch today! This is Brown Monkey, one of our dogs’ squeaky toys. Not to be confused with Blue Monkey ;)

They were gifts from my parents last year for Christmas, and Pipsqueak and Bosco absolutely love them. Of course they each want the toy the other one has — that’s always the best toy. This morning Pipsqueak got really feisty shaking this toy all around to “kill it”. Which is extra adorable because she’s this little princess of a dog.

So, the sketch… my goal today was quick, loose, and a general 2-value shading. I made improvements to how I look at the relationships between different angles and proportions by remembering to look at the negative spaces and use plumb lines. My biggest challenge was on the right side. That curve of the side/back just doesn’t look right and I couldn’t figure it out. It probably would have helped if I had put the mug that it’s leaning against into the sketch in the first stage. I was going to leave it out, but then that didn’t make sense, so by putting it in at the end I noticed where there are some misalignments.

I’m probably not experienced enough yet to make quick-and-accurate sketches. It’s likely going to be one or the other. But I just signed up for Sadie Valeri’s Online Atelier which I am SO excited about! I think it’s going to be a great fit for me because she’s very thorough, specific, and organized. The instructions for the first drawing course tell us to read/watch the first 5 lessons before actually beginning, and it’s that sort of attention to detail that I love. We start by drawing circles and ellipses, which is something I allowed myself to skip right over in my enthusiasm to make more art. Going back to these fundamental basics is going to be great for me, based on what I learned when I wanted to drastically improve my sewing skills.

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