Sketch practice #59

Daily Art 12-7-17 still life sketch in graphite number 59 - white and black mugs

Well, today I was going for loose and gestural, but choosing such perfectly-shaped subjects with ellipses all over the place may not have been the smartest move. Before I checked that my forms were in place well, I let myself get caught up in shading values.

I’m conscious of the fact that loose doesn’t mean inaccurate and sloppy. Images like “Seated Woman with Hat” by Sargent inspire  — it’s airy, expressive, and the proportions are so good. Part of my journey is to put in the time and effort developing my drawing and observation skills so that I can capture some of that ease in the sketch that he does. 

I’ll try again tomorrow, maybe starting with some more gestural lines instead of a structured block in. Maybe it will help to print out the Sargent drawing and put it next to my sketchbook to remind me to keep it light, loose, and carefree.

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