Sketch practice #57-58

Daily Art 12-6-17 still life sketch in graphite number 57-58 - gouache tube

These paint tube caps are my nemesis! It was the area I was least happy with the last time I sketched this fat tube of white gouache, and it was today as well. It prompted a series of ellipses studies that fizzled out and I don’t feel any closer to nailing those shapes. I think it’s time for some professional help — by which I mean an online drawing course I have my eye on.

This tube isn’t super crinkly and is mostly full so there wasn’t a lot of dynamic shading to do there. Mostly I wanted to work on angles and proportion. I’d have to slow way down to do a more careful study of the cap area. The cap on the left is misshapen, and the cap area on the right one is tilted too far back, distorting the perspective.

For quick sketches, these get the idea across OK. I’d probably benefit from shifting my mindset on sketching and prioritize capturing an idea, mood, gesture, or composition rather than going for big time accuracy. At least at this stage…

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