Sketch practice #54-56

Daily Art 12-5-17 still life sketch in graphite number 54-56 - banana

Since I enjoy making reductive drawings, today I saved the graphite powder from sharpening my pencils and dusted it over my drawing paper. The three studies ended up looking like a very odd composition, but that was random. My favorite parts of these sketches are on the lower right banana where the crinkly stem meets the surface with that fantastic cast shadow, and on the top banana where there’s a hint of darker tones in the center where it’s been cut.

I did end up investigating how close my values were in yesterday’s sketches. I discovered that all of my values should have been darkened, especially the black foam core surface. The pear itself should have also been a little darker. But I did have a bit of a milestone: when drawing the core shadow line, I looked at its shape more carefully than in other sketches. Rather than drawing a single curved line like on a sphere, I noticed the little bumps along the surface and accounted for them better and allowed that edge to be more broken. Now I need to remember to keep doing that!

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