Sketch practice #51

Daily Art 12-3-17 still life sketch in graphite number 51 - walnut and almonds

Although it looks a bit more like a peach and lemons, today’s sketch was of the walnut and almonds again. I approached it like yesterday’s, by starting with the notional space. But then things got weird when I tried drawing in the envelope. I abandoned that in favor of some gestural lines showing the way the objects relate to each other. That worked better, and got me moving forward.

Even though I’m still in experiment and learning mode, I’d love to reach a point where I have a more systematic approach to sketching. Right now I feel like I’m starting from square one every day with my process. And even my materials. For this one I used woodless graphite pencils in 8B for the darkest tones and HB for mid and light tones, plus a stump for some blending. I’m in the “I want to try all the things in all the ways!” phase. Which is a good thing, but sometimes it leads to mental confusion and inability to choose a path for me.

Tomorrow my goal is to do more of the 10-minute sketches. And to help me feel less overwhelmed by options, I’ll try doing the next several drawings with a few additional parameters to my original project:

  • use 2B and 6B graphite pencils
  • no blending with a stump
  • lay in values with smooth tones rather than hatching
  • use hatching as an accent, but not primary shading technique
  • use viewfinder to block in large shapes rather than notional space box and envelope

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