Sketch practice #46-49

Daily Art 12-1-17 still life sketch in graphite number 46-49 - 10-minute pears

Yesterday I realized I was trying to cram a lot of different goals into these quick 10-minute studies. So today I focused each sketch on a different thing:

  1. proportions (with a dot-to-line contour drawing)
  2. value
  3. line quality (with a block-in and hatching)
  4. edges
I also went back to my Strathmore Drawing pad which has a medium surface. I like the way graphite feels on this paper, and the ivory color is a nice complement to the silvery pencil marks. I primarily draw with a 2B pencil, and used 6B for the darkest tones. I’m trying to understand why I don’t like my hatching very much…I think part of it is that on this medium tooth and the softer pencils there’s too much texture happening for such a linear mark. I’d like to see what happens with a harder (maybe H or HB) lead on a smoother sheet to see if that helps. 
My favorites from today’s sketches are #2 Value because of its painterly look, and #4 Edges. It’s interesting that I prefer the sketches where being precise with the shapes wasn’t my top priority. Which I suppose is easy to say with organic shapes like pears, where you wouldn’t know if they were a little off from the actual subject. I think if I could find a way to loosen up my hatching marks (make them less stiff and more effortless while still being accurate) and add more character to those contour lines I’d like them much better. 

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