Sketch practice #42-45

Daily Art 11-30-17 still life sketch in graphite number 42-45 - 10-minute apples

More 10-minute apples today, from a slightly different perspective standing at my makeshift tabletop easel. For the first one I used the gridded viewfinder clipped to the side. For the other three I primarily used skewer for measuring and imagined a center plumb line. Like yesterday, the timer went off before I completed each sketch. Which is leading me to wonder: with just ten minutes, what am I trying to accomplish? Is it accurate proportions, developed values, interesting edges, consistent line and shading qualities? The truth is that I’ve been trying to do it all in ten minutes which is pretty unreasonable. Maybe I’ll try dot-to-line contour next instead of sighting angles and blocking in, and see if I can simplify my values. I also really want to shift from shading marks that look chaotic to marks that have life and energy but also order and consistency.

I’m feeling over this white bond paper for sketching. It’s from a big roll meant for inkjet plotters that my husband brought home for me one day and it’s excellent for protecting my table when I’m painting at it, or drafting sewing patterns. But it’s stinks for graphite drawing. There’s not enough tooth so I’m getting no pleasure from using it. Good experiment! But it’s time to go back to paper meant for sketching and drawing.

I’m noticing that I enjoy the sketching process more when I’m sitting down, with my drawing board in my lap and angled against my knees or the table. I feel more connected and in control, especially with small pencil studies like these. When I’m ready to do a Bargue plate I’ll try the standing method, but that’s a whole different mental state than these quick sketches. Last night I enjoyed some time on the couch drawing from a photo reference for a new pet portrait commission and found that state of flow that I love. My position and the position of the drawing board really contributed to that happy feeling.

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