Sketch practice #37

Daily Art 11-28-17 still life sketch in graphite number 36 - pears

I finally remembered to do some quick sketches of the geometric forms in my pears today! I do think it’s helping me look more critically for form shadows. Once those were done, I started measuring for the drawing by finding the height and width of the pear on the left. I really wanted this sketch to be more proportionally accurate and for the forms to look more pleasing than they did yesterday.

This took a lot of the 30-minute time block so my shading isn’t very developed and I didn’t get the dark background toned like I wanted. The shaping of the pears is fairly accurate and I like their forms. I’m still a little gun-shy about the stem sizes, after making them way huge in a previous session lol! So they’re too small. And I placed the pear on the right too far from the one on the left. Which explains why I was struggling with the angle from upper edge of the left pear to upper edge of the right pear and sizing the height of the right pear in its spot.

I’m deep into reading about classical drawing techniques, atelier training, and the Bargue plates methods. I’m reading C. Bargue Drawing Course and bought an online class on traditional portrait drawing techniques that demonstrates the Bargue method and sight sizing. I’m hoping this will help me develop my measuring, proportion, and shading skills.

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