Sketch practice #26

Daily Art 11-22-17 still life sketch in graphite number 26 - pears

I’m trying to improve the proportions and relationships between objects in my still life sketching again today. I started by measuring the height and width of the arrangement but that’s not going well. Ironically I had the right overall dimensions marked out but everything was shifted over as I built from the centerline of my tallest object (the center pear). So trying to fit everything within my original lines caused distortion in the other two pears.

I can’t quite figure out what’s causing me to measure inaccurately. Maybe I’m tipping my hand as I use the skewer to mark lengths and compare them to each other. I also haven’t found a rhythm for what to use as my standard unit, and by changing it all around within each sketching session I’m sure that it’s making things off.

Daily Art 11-22-17 still life sketch in graphite number 26 - sketch over photo
My center pear is fairly accurate, but the other two aren’t sized well in comparison.

If I were using my viewfinder to locate edges and relationships it would probably go better. But I want to keep working on this to see if I can improve. Next I think I’ll try leaving out that bounding box and just concentrate on the angles and relationships of the pears.

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