Sketch practice #23-24

Daily Art 11-20-17 still life sketch in graphite number 23-24 - pear

As I read Lessons in Classical Drawing: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier by Juliette Aristides I’m taking notes and thinking about how to apply the techniques to my sketch practice. I just read the chapter on the illusion of depth, where she covers identifying geometric solids. I’ve explored this concept before, and usually after dipping my toe into it I push it away because it gets so technical and cerebral and I just want to draw. But in the spirit of embracing these lessons in classical drawing, I gave it another try today.

I drew the pear on the left first, then did some studies of the circle and triangle found within the form of the pear second. Which was totally backwards — after drawing the studies I immediately saw where I could improve my first sketch. I went back and added a bit more shading to the left side of it to help describe the changes in angles on the interior shapes of the form (not just around the perimeter of it).

I really enjoyed the chapter on line quality, too. It helped me understand a bit more about my own preferences with line. After looking at some of the examples in the book, I’m drawn more to the marks that show evidence of the medium than the very smoothly-rendered forms. I like the graphic quality that lines have, and the play between smooth and sharp.

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