Contour drawings of Jack Russell Terriers

dot to line contour drawing of a happy terrier

dot to line contour drawing of a serious terrier

This week at Crafthack we worked on our own projects while enjoying some relaxing waterfalls on Netflix. Which was the first time I’d seen this Moving Art nature series — it was really cool!

I did some sketches of Jack Russell terriers, practicing the dot-to-line contour drawing technique Pat Weaver loves. It was nice to sink into some sketching without any pressures of time or intense concentration. There’s always a fun chatter at Crafthack, and allowing myself to flow in and out of sketching and chatting is nice.

I started with the eyes and nose, imagining plumb lines going up and down at key points for placement. The top sketch is quite accurate when compared to the drawing. But with the second sketch, I struggled with something that’s come up several times for me and that’s making the face the correct length and width. I tend to make them too wide and not tall enough. I think this could be improved by spending more time getting the eyes accurate since I build the rest of the relationships off of them.

My sketches also extend past the frames I drew. Which isn’t a huge deal since these are just little sketchbook drawings, but I really want to learn how to fit them into my target size better.

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