Sketch practice #5-6

Daily Art 11-11-17 still life sketch in graphite - white gouache tube

Today I set up a small square viewfinder in front of my still life to help me measure locations, angles, and proportions better. It was so nice not to have to hold it with my hand! I could never keep it in the same place that way and this method is much better.

The ellipses on the caps were hard to place. I tried a few approaches to mapping out the cap shapes and got stuck with the angle of the ellipses. Is the center axis of the top of the tube at an angle? I’ll have to do some exercises specifically for this scenario.

square viewfinder with centerline marks held in place with a florists pin frog
I cut this square viewfinder to a size that works well when I’m sitting in front of the still life. It’s corrugated cardboard, held in place with a florist’s pin frog.

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