A different pattern every day for #The100DayProject

I’m a sucker for daily challenges to help build a creative habit. So a summertime Creativebug binge inspired me to start a theme for The 100 Day Project. I initially resisted, thinking it would become an overwhelming chore rather than quick and fun. But when Courtney Cerruti explained that her own daily project was to simply paint a different color and write a short phrase to go with it, I was intrigued. So it didn’t have to be complicated!
One of her tips for success was to draw the grid for each color swatch in a designated sketchbook. That way, it was all ready to go every day. I loved this idea so much — it’s a simple but genius way to be prepared and avoid procrastination each morning.
I took this approach and gridded out an accordion sketchbook of Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolor paper. The only guidelines I gave myself were:
  • each day would be a different pattern swatch
  • each pattern swatch be completed in a short amount of time (about 5-10 minutes) in one sitting
I used whatever media I felt like that day, sometimes pre-painting a unit with a color the day before so it would be dry by the time I wanted to make the pattern.
It’s fascinating for me to look at them all in a row like this because I can see times where I became intrigued by a different mark-making process, tool, medium, texture, class, or even just a recent Pin I saw. It also helps me remember some little things, like when we were camping, or what book I was reading.
One of my favorite aspects of this project was that sticking with one theme got me to explore a lot more than if I had just done it for a few days. I had to keep digging and digging to find new ways to make patterns and marks.

I only missed one day of this challenge — I got wrapped up in other art projects and the day after I realized it I was sort of shocked! I had been doing it diligently for 93 days and somehow toward the end just spaced it.

I’m super glad I completed this challenge, and when it was done, was also super glad it was done ;)

My daily patterns for The 100 Day Project

100DaysProject - daily pattern days 1-16 part one - by Amy Lamp

100DaysProject - daily pattern days 1-16 part two - by Amy Lamp
Here I learned that my dip pen works great with diluted Copic opaque white ink. I was inspired by sashiko stitching and other textiles.

100DaysProject - daily pattern days 17-32 - by Amy Lamp
During this spread, I got inspired by intuitive painting, mixed media, and art journaling.
100DaysProject - daily pattern days 33-48 part one - by Amy Lamp
This was after I did a whole bunch of different mark-making on a sheet of paper — I discovered how to make some interesting marks with my brush pen.
100DaysProject - daily pattern days 33-48 part two - by Amy Lamp
The final pattern on this spread was done while camping in the woods. I love pine trees!
100DaysProject - daily pattern days 49-64 - by Amy Lamp
Experiments in black and white, complementary colors, and messy layers.
Days 65-80 of 100DayProject
The first day in this set is one of my favorites, and the one next to it is my least favorite. Funny how that works out!

Days 65-80 of 100DayProject
I really like the groove I got into with earthy orange, teal, black, and white in the last four days of this set.
Days 81-88 of 100DayProject
I’m reading a book about drawing animal textures so a few of these are inspired by those ideas.
Days 89-100 of 100DayProject
The most gratifying part of this last set is that I was still finding new patterns to experiment with.
If you want to check out the CBTV video, it’s the 100 Days Project Kickoff from 4/4/2016 (I couldn’t get a direct link to this episode).

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