Value studies Day 9

Daily Art 10-27-17 value and contrast - tonal composition studies

Building off of the success I had yesterday with value mapping, I selected a few color photos to map. The first one was pretty easy because of the limited number of colors. The second one was more challenging because there are multiple colors and some shadow areas I wouldn’t have expected. I tried to really see shadow shapes, rather than naming subjects (inspired by this video by Dianne Mize). The third photo I’m not so sure about…after marking it up it seems like it’s almost all a number 1 value with just tiny bits of darker values. This would be a great reference to get more familiar with painting and drawing glass.

I really like how these daily value study exercises are developing the ability to see values as large shapes and not calling them “tree” or “bottle”. And it’s also giving me more experience including value studies into the creation process — it’s a step that I’ve seen the benefits of, but honestly just forget a lot of the time because I get in a rush to start the actual piece. But the more I watch other artists work, the more I see that slowing down to do preparation and planning can really enhance the results. Even with intuitive painting, the class I took included preparation steps of gathering inspiration imagery and warming up with mark making.

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