Value studies Day 5

Daily Art 10-23-17 value and contrast - tonal composition studies

I switched to landscape compositions today with the hope of breaking out of overthinking the details and looking at large shapes more. On the first image of an outcropping of rocks along a coastline I spent too long worrying about the details and ran short on time. I think it could have been improved by paying more attention to the large faces of the rocks and not on the little facets.

The second image was much too simple, but I wanted to finish one within the 10-minute time limit. The lesson I learned here is to choose a reference image that I care at least a little bit about ;)

The third image was a really symmetrical view of a canal pointing toward a gazebo. This was an intriguing one to sketch because of the foreshortening of the canal. I’d like to try this one again as a larger sketch.

I’ve used the graphite pencil on toned paper for the last few days and it’s been interesting to use four values. I’d like to spend a couple of days doing two-value studies, just the white of the paper and black ink, to see how that feels.

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