Value studies Day 2

Daily Art 10-20-17 value and contrast - tonal composition studies

Yesterday I learned just how fast 10 minutes can go by with these value studies. And that using pencils was a slower way for me to describe the dark and mid tones. So today I chose reference images with fewer objects and painted the dark and mid tones in with black ink.

One thing I focused on today was to see where I could join shadow shapes and turn them into larger abstracted shapes. I like the way this holds things together and integrates the separate elements with each other.

I got too nitpicky with the second sketch and ran out of time before completing the background tone. I was trying to describe those walnut shapes better and spent too much time on the details. Actually, looking at the photo again, I’m not sure how I would have resolved that background because it isn’t quite the darkest value, but if I made it a mid value it would have ruined the integrity of the walnuts. I’ll have to do some thinking on that one… I love the cast shadows on this one.

The third image was a sliced fig. Which is pretty difficult to tell, but mostly because it’s a rather abstracted photo in the first place. I was on the fence about how much to describe the speckled highlights but I think it’s working. I wish I had made the drawing more accurate though. It’s too flat across the top and missing that curve. Maybe I should start with a gesture!

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