Colored pencil chipmunk face

colored pencil chipmunk face

I enjoyed drawing the bunny face with colored pencils the other day, and wanted to do something similar with a different subject. But not so different that it would be a total shift from the bunny and a whole bunch of new things to extrapolate. This cute chipmunk fit the bill. Plus the little guy melted my heart.

I struggled with getting the drawing right because I tried to rush it. I was so excited to get to the fur-drawing part that I was frustrated to have to wait to get started. But I knew if I didn’t get the drawing at least mostly close I’d be setting myself up for misery on the coloring step. Since my goal was to spend more time practicing the coloring strokes than drawing from a photo, it would have been nice to just trace the image into my sketchbook.

I’m trying out the Prismacolor Col-Erase Non Photo Blue for sketching. It’s come up so many times from different sources that I just had to see if it’s a fit for me. One thing I’m not liking about it is that my scanner does pick up the lines when I scan the artwork, so it either needs to be erased first or Photoshopped out. But I am finding it easy to erase when I draw lightly enough.

I’m pretty happy with how this little drawing turned out! I think two things that would improve it are to keep the colored pencils sharper (my frugal tendencies cause me to get a little stingy there, not wanting to “waste” the pencil by sharpening) and to use a thinner pencil or pen for the whiskers (they look a little heavy-handed in black colored pencil).

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