Gesture studies Day 16

Daily Art 10-17-17 gesture studies of animals

My rooster is about to fall over, but I’m really happy with the cat sketch! I paid close attention to the angle on the back, trying to capture that head-down prowl of cats.

I just started reading Painting Your Favorite Animals in Pen, Ink & Watercolor by Claudia Nice and the beginning section helped me today. I envisioned the limbs of the cat and dog as ovals going up and alongside the torso and it made those two figures easier to draw. But that was also because they’re profile views and not foreshortened.

That fish was a tricky one! At first my line for the top of the body was much too spread out. I had to go back and compress it quite a bit to get the foreshortening more accurate. My brain didn’t want to believe that it was actually that squished looking.

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