Gesture drawings Day 13

Daily Art 10-14-17 gesture studies of animals

I’m very curious if anyone will be able to tell what the first sketch in the upper left is. When I first saw that photo come up on the line-of-action slideshow it stopped me in my tracks a little bit because I wasn’t sure how to approach it. (It’s a dog swimming in water with a tennis ball in his mouth, in a very foreshortened view.) It took a lot of squinting to flatten the shapes out and see them in relation to each other.

When the giraffe photo came up, I almost skipped past it because I already drew it on Day 4. But that one hadn’t turned out well, so instead I looked at it as an opportunity try again. This one is so much better! A good example of how my desire to always be learning new things can hinder progress on specific obstacles.

The other day I watched a Proko video on how to simplify the motion of the torso by thinking of a bendy bean. Even though the video was about the human figure, I kept it in mind as I sketched these poses. It helped me see the way the upper and lower sections of the torso work together and overlap each other.

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